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Segue Program

Transition Program for Young Adults

David & Kelsey at Airplane Museum
Teenage Hiking
Shaun Snowshoeing

Transitioning from childhood to adulthood has its growing pains and challenges. As an adolescent with a disability, this can be tough terrain to navigate. Imagine!'s Segue Program combines aspects of both our School-Age Services and Adult Services to ease one's development into adulthood. This program increases independence in the community, social relationships among peers, and skill acquisition around money and self-reliance.

The same therapeutic supports used in our School-Age Services are available in Segue, allowing participants to blossom while achieving their goals and having fun!

All activities are community-based and inspired by the preferences of the participants. Imagine! firmly believes that therapeutic recreation is best facilitated in the community where participants can practice their independence and social skills. Rockies Games, Garden of the Gods, and Adaptive Sailing are just a few examples of the many adventures the Segue Program embarks on.

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