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Virtual Classes and Instruction

Now offering virtual classes and instruction! It's important to maintain a high level of skill acquisition, socialization, and achieving goals even if we can't attend regular programs in the community. Talk with your Case Manager to learn how you can work with an Imagine! instructor through an online video call on a regular basis.

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One on One

Are you or your loved one working on a certain skill in the household? Receive one on one instruction through a video chat on how to improve that skill.

Group Classes

Group classes help practice socialization, play games, and engage in meaningful discussions. Catch up with good friends and spend time with familiar faces!


Choose from a variety of classes

Life Skills
and More!


Need Help Setting Up Video Conferencing?

An Imagine! technology advisor is on standby to assist you with downloading the necessary software for Imagine!'s virtual classes. We will walk you through each step and go over features you can use during class.