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FRE Services Available for CES

Respite Individual Hours No more than 9.75 hours within any 24 hour period
Respite "Days" This is not 24 hour care. This is 10 hours of Respite within any 24 hour period, no more or no less. *Please note: Respite "Days" and individual Respite hours cannot be used within the same 24 hour period.
Respite Group This category is only for households with 2 or more eligible siblings living in the same home.
Youth Day Services Provides care and supervision to children 12-17 years old while the primary caregiver works, volunteers, seeks employment, or goes to school.
Community Connector Provides services and supports identified in Service Plan to assist consumer in developing abilities and skills necessary to participate in community life (such as community education or training and volunteer activities). Assists consumer in building and developing relationships and natural supports in the community. Services may include socialization, adaptive skills, and personnel to accompany individual in community. Enables consumer to utilize the community as a learning environment, through conducting services in a variety of settings.


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