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FRE Services Available for SLS

Respite Individual Hours No more than 9.75 hours within any 24 hour period
Respite "Days" This is not 24 hour care. This is 10 hours of Respite within any 24 hour period, no more or no less. *Please note: Respite "Days" and individual Respite hours cannot be used within the same 24 hour period.
Respite Group This category is only for households with 2 or more eligible siblings living in the same home.
Personal Care Hands on assistance with feeding, bathing, dressing, eating and hygiene can occur outside the State of Colorado. All other services under PC must occur within the State.
Enhanced Homemaker Service goal must be training/teaching the client to improve skill level with cooking, cleaning or laundry. Service must take place in the home of the client. Habilitation includes direct training and instruction to the participant, which is more than basic cueing to prompt the participant to perform a task. Habilitation shall include a training program with specific objectives and anticipated outcomes. The primary intent must be to provide habilitative services to increase independence of the participant.

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