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Since 1984, Imagine! has assisted individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities across Boulder and Broomfield counties in finding gainful employment through supported employment services. Supported employment offers people who have a disability the opportunity to develop vital job skills and become active participants in their communities. Imagine! currently partners with more than 40 businesses across Boulder and Broomfield counties to provide supported employment solutions for hundreds of individuals.


A strong workforce is an
INCLUSIVE workforce


The Imagine! Business Partner digital pamphlet helps you learn how to easily get started with us.

How It Works

Prescreen Candidates

- we work with each client to understand their interests, abilities, and goals.


Find the Right Fit

- we offer local businesses resumes from candidates who we think are a good fit. Candidates undergo interview process and businesses choose to hire or not.


Longterm Support

- once hired, Imagine! Job Coaches develop relationships with each business and offer support as needed to both employee and employer..


Partner With Us


01 Hire

Take advantage of an underutilized market of capable, highly trained, and talented workers.

Benefits of hiring through Imagine!

  • Job Coach - Ongoing support from an Imagine! Job Coach as needed.
  • Free Training - An Imagine! Job Coach will help train your new employee, saving you time and money.
  • Retention - Employees with I/DD more likely to stay and grow with company longer than a high school college student.
  • Tax Credit- Eligibility for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).
  • Business - This is not charity, this is a strong business decision.
  • Expand - Promotes inclusion and diversity within your community, broadens your demographic and to more business.
  • Free Course - Request a FREE disability etiquette course hosted by Imagine!.

02 Host

Skill Assessment Session: Offer your space and equipment to allow a Job Coach and client to perform a situational assessment, helping them determine interests, skills, learning styles, and supports needed. All you need to do is set up the space and our Job Coach will take it from there!

State Funded Apprenticeship: A client can work up to 160 hours at your business and be paid directly by the state of Colorado. Accompanied by a Job Coach, the client is able to learn more about an industry that they are interested in.

David cleaning dishes at the Sink

03Support Career Exploration

Host Mock Interview: Interviews can be intimidating and daunting, especially for those who have little experience. Host a "no strings attached" mock interview with an Imagine! client, helping them build confidence for the real deal.

Give A Tour: A real life or virtual tour of your building will allow clients to experience a potential workplace firsthand and understand what the working environment would look and sound like.

Host A Meeting: Talk to an individual or group from our services about career paths available in your line of work. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and get a feel for whether they want to pursue this career path or not.


Longterm Solutions

Imagine! offers a solution to high turnover. Our clients are eager and excited to work for you because this is more than just a paycheck, this is a career choice, a milestone in their lives.

We are here to stay

Your new employee wants to learn, grow, achieve, and be part of a working community just like anyone else who is building their career. And because of that, they are here to stay.

Among employers,
more than 3/4
rated employees with I/DD good or
very good on performance factors.

  • 89% Dependability
  • 74% Productivity
  • 97% Integration
  • 84% Attendance
  • 79% Work Quality
  • 86% Motivation


Imagine! Job Coaches


You will have ongoing support from an Imagine! Job Coach to ensure clear communication and high productivity with your new hire. Any learning tools or strategies you require can also be used for your entire workforce, enhancing quality of work across the board.


An Imagine! Job Coach can perform a workplace analysis to understand what job roles and duties you offer, as well as determining if you have consistent unmet needs that need attention.


All Imagine! Job Coaches are members of the Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators (ACRE), a national organization that provides trainings, strategies, and accountability for job coaches of vocational rehab.

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Chelsea Leathers
Home Depot Front End Supervisor

Nate is one of our lot attendants, and has been a great addition to the team! He is a dedicated and hard worker, showing up to every shift with a burst of positivity and joy. When the loud speaker broadcasts a request to load merchandise into a customer's vehicle, Nate is the first to respond and walks over with a big smile and high energy for each customer. This is the type of energy and professionalism we are looking for.

His communication is strong, always letting me know when he's going on break or when a task is complete. That is what I need and appreciate. His effective communication sets a great example for my other staff who are still working on this! Caitlyn, Nate's Job Coach, has been the best supporting both Home Depot and Nate, checking in on a regular basis and making sure that Nate has everything he needs to be successful.

I don't look at Nate as someone with a disability. We're all human and have our own traits. His coworkers have embraced Nate as one of their own and it's been wonderful to watch the team become stronger because of it.

A Message from the Director

The individuals we support through our program have valuable skills to offer the right employer. Like you, they take pride in their work, and their career is a huge part of their identity. They are committed employees that often have better attendance and retention than their peers. This pride and dedication can make them powerful ambassadors for your business and your brand. This is not charity, it's smart business.
Kim Cortes
Director of Imagine! Employment Services and Community Services

InClover Partners with Imagine!

At first, it felt like a leap of faith...

...but with Imagine!'s guidance in helping us build a strong relationship with the employees, it's been the best business decision we made all year.
Rebecca Rose
President of InClover, Boulder

Our Stories

Hover your mouse over each person to read their story.

Mark's Story

Mark has excelled in his position at the restaurant and becoming more and more independent with cleaning the floors. He is part of an Imagine! work crew and visits the restaurant regularly with his peers to clean and get ready for the day's customers. Mark carefully picks up the chairs and moves them to the side while he sweeps and mops the entire dining room. We are proud of Mark's progress and view him as a quality employee.
Rae working at Longmont Florist

Rae's Story

Rae works at Longmont Florist, a family-owned flower shop in Longmont, Colorado that has been serving the area for over 50 years. Rae completes a variety of tasks, including: filling water tubes, cutting flower stems, building boxes, wiping windows clean, and stapling cards to flower food. Rae said that she likes her job, her coworkers, and told us that working at Longmont Florist is fun! The folks at Longmont Florist also told us that "Rae has become more confident in her relationship with our team and in understanding and completing her tasks. We realize that Rae's tasks can be tedious and repetitive, and are so grateful that she helps us complete those tasks!"

Amanda's Story

Amanda likes to keep busy and has been a valued employee through Imagine!'s Employment Services for several years. She is detail oriented and completes tasks in a timely fashion. Amanda's smile and positive attitude are infectious and inspire a positive work environment.

Frank's Story

Frank has been a responsible worker at Left Hand Brewing for several years. His focus and care for safety at the assembly line and conveyor belt is top notch and leads to efficient productivity. Frank has a passion for what he does and takes his job seriously. Frank is a social and friendly worker, but doesn't let the social environment get in his way of staying on task and getting the job done.

Mike's Story

Mike is employed through one of Imagine!'s work crews that oversees maintenance of CU Boulder's bus fleet. He checks the vehicles' interiors for trash and anything left behind, and assists with cleaning and reorganizing. Mike is a valued member of this work crew as he has the experience and knowledge to complete the job independently.

Kyle's Story

"I have worked at Imagine! as a General Assistant for 12 years. It is a fun work environment with wonderful people. I really take pride in my work and I always make sure that the building is sparkling clean before I go home each day. Two of my favorite tasks at work are loading the dish washer and putting the laundry away. I have enjoyed the friendships that I created over the years and I consider this place to be my family. I look forward to the years ahead."

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