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A strong workforce is an
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Since 1984, Imagine! has assisted individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities across Boulder and Broomfield counties in finding gainful employment through supported employment services. Supported employment offers people who have a disability the opportunity to develop vital job skills and become active participants in their communities. Imagine! currently partners with more than 40 businesses across Boulder and Broomfield counties to provide supported employment solutions for hundreds of individuals.


Reliable, Flexible, Valuable...

Employees You Can Count On

  • Tax credit and financial incentives
  • Low turnover rate
  • On-site job coaching and training
  • Positive shift in workplace culture

Contract a Work Crew

Imagine! assembles a work crew of qualified individuals and completes job tasks on your schedule. We are flexible and adapt to your business needs.

Hire an Independent Worker

Give an individual with a disability the opportunity to contribute to his/her community.

  • Job coach always available for quality assurance
  • Tax credit and other financial incentives
  • Expand and diversify your workforce

Ongoing Job Coaching

Imagine! job coaches are present with every work crew and available for every independent employee. We work with your business as closely as you prefer, particularly early on, to make sure you know exactly what to expect and to ensure peace of mind with this new partnership.

Our Stories

Mark's Story

Mark has excelled in his position at the restaurant and becoming more and more independent with cleaning the floors. He is part of an Imagine! work crew and visits the restaurant regularly with his peers to clean and get ready for the day's customers. Mark carefully picks up the chairs and moves them to the side while he sweeps and mops the entire dining room. We are proud of Mark's progress and view him as a quality employee.

Robert's Story

"I have been a janitor at Life Bridge Church for almost 16 years. I really like my boss and my co-workers, I feel valued here. I ensure that things are done correctly. I know the layout of this church really well and people come to me if they are unsure of where items are located or if they need a cleaning task completed. My favorite cleaning task is using the floor scrubber, it is fun to use." When Robert's supervisor was new to this job, he said that "I don't know what I would have done without Robert, he showed me the ropes of the building and where everything is."

Amanda's Story

Amanda likes to keep busy and has been a valued employee through Imagine!'s Employment Services for several years. She is detail oriented and completes tasks in a timely fashion. Amanda's smile and positive attitude are infectious and inspire a positive work environment.

Frank's Story

Frank has been a responsible worker at Left Hand Brewing for several years. His focus and care for safety at the assembly line and conveyor belt is top notch and leads to efficient productivity. Frank has a passion for what he does and takes his job seriously. Frank is a social and friendly worker, but doesn't let the social environment get in his way of staying on task and getting the job done.

Mike's Story

Mike is employed through one of Imagine!'s work crews that oversees maintenance of CU Boulder's bus fleet. He checks the vehicles' interiors for trash and anything left behind, and assists with cleaning and reorganizing. Mike is a valued member of this work crew as he has the experience and knowledge to complete the job independently.

Kyle's Story

"I have worked at Imagine! as a General Assistant for 12 years. It is a fun work environment with wonderful people. I really take pride in my work and I always make sure that the building is sparkling clean before I go home each day. Two of my favorite tasks at work are loading the dish washer and putting the laundry away. I have enjoyed the friendships that I created over the years and I consider this place to be my family. I look forward to the years ahead."