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Creating a World of
Opportunity for all

Imagine! Direct Services

Offering a continuum of services for individuals with developmental disabilities at every stage of their lives.

We believe in the potential of all. We believe that people with developmental disabilities have much to offer.

We believe that inclusion in the community benefits us all.

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Imagine! artists have their very own Etsy page, sharing their creative expressions with the community. Proceeds from art sales go directly to the artist.

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Community Based

Imagine! is a community-based organization, and community is key to our success. For over 55 years, we have used our community as an all-inclusive classroom, providing opportunities for people in our services to explore, experience, and learn. From getting a job, to checking out a book at the library, to learning what their local fire department does, Imagine! aims to engage everyone, regardless of ability or disability, in becoming active, contributing members of their community.

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