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Family Care Giver


Receive support while supporting your loved one!

Become a Family Care Giver through Imagine!'s Residential Services! If you are a family member to someone with a developmental disability, we understand that you play a significant role in your loved one's life. If you would like to step into a larger role as a paid care giver, Imagine! is here to support you on that journey.

Imagine! Residential Services will contract you to support and provide for your family member with a developmental disability, all while paying competitive wages. We offer a thorough training program to increase your knowledge and skillset in care giving, and your loved one receiving services will have access to Imagine!'s Nursing Supports.

It is a big step to transition from family member to employee within the same household. Imagine! has the expertise and experience in making this a smooth transition, all while respecting your family's privacy.

Must be 18 and older and maintain a DD waiver slot. 

** Available in Colorado only **


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