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Having a job is one of the best ways to demonstrate your independence. Learn new skills, build your resume, and land your very own job with a local business!


Vocational Skills

Since 1984, Imagine! has assisted individuals with developmental disabilities find meaningful employment throughout Boulder and Broomfield counties. This starts with job coaching and skill development, working toward finding and maintaining successful employment.

Job Placement

Imagine! partners with over 40 local businesses to provide job opportunities to individuals we serve. We match your interests and skillsets with opportunities available, and work hard to ensure that your experience in the workplace is secure and productive.

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Vocation Skills

Find A Job

Everyone is capable of maintaining a successful job they enjoy. Imagine! Employment Services is in your corner and will assist with networking, resume building, interview practicing, skill assessment, and finding you a job that fits well.

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We can help you better understand your interests, skills, learning styles, and supports needed before starting the job search. Imagine! Employment Specialists will walk you through an assessment that can help us identify what career path you may be interested in.

Job Seeking and Development

Let's work together to find you a job that fits your skillset and makes you happy! From all of the paperwork and preparation needed to landing a job, to performing well and reaching your goals while on the job, Imagine! has your back!

Customized Employment

This is a process of helping job seekers, like you, to recognize what you want to do and the contributions you can bring to a business. This also includes an individualized approach of job negotiation with a business that focuses on job tasks rather than specific position descriptions. Imagine! Employment Specialists are certified in providing Customized Employment services.



Current Business Partners


Job Coaching

Hands-on training and coaching while on the job to ensure a longlasting relationship with your employer.

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Rethinking Job Training

Imagine! is thinking outside the box and implementing technology solutions as part of our Employment Services. In a world influenced by modern technology, Imagine! strives to take advantage of appropriate tech supports so that each individual is put in the best position possible to succeed.


Local Businesses Partner with Imagine!


Own or manage a business?

We have trained employees in our supported employment program eager to work for you!

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