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Employment Services

Having a job is one of the best ways to demonstrate your independence. Learn new skills, build your resume, and land your very own job with a local business!

Our Response to COVID-19

Imagine! services are open and accepting new participants. We have implemented safety precautions as outlined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and adapted our services to accommodate smaller groups and ensure social distancing.

Vocational Skills

Since 1984, Imagine! has assisted individuals with developmental disabilities across Boulder and Broomfield counties in finding meaningful employment. This starts with job coaching and skill development, working toward employment goals.

Job Placement

Imagine! partners with over 40 local businesses to provide job opportunities to individuals we serve. We match your interests and skillset with opportunities available, and work hard to ensure that your experience in the workplace is happy and productive.

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Vocation Skills

Hands-On Experience

Hands-on training and coaching give you the skills and independence needed to build your resume.

Learning Job Skills

Imagine! provides ongoing classes and training to help build your resume. Catered to your interests, Imagine!’s Employment Services will help you strengthen skill acquisition, effective communication, and workplace independence with the intention of assisting you in getting a job. These classes occur during the day, Monday through Friday, and are incorporated into Imagine!’s Adult Weekday Services.

Volunteer Opportunities

Imagine! incorporates volunteer opportunities into our Adult Weekday Services for those we serve, which gives you hands on experience in the workplace. Practice completing tasks under a deadline and working together in a group.

Job Simulation

We are very proud of our efforts in creating job simulation modules via Virtual Reality. This allows the individuals we serve to practice job skills and procedures specific to the line of work they are preparing for, without having to be at the actual job site.

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Rethinking Job Training

Imagine! is thinking outside the box and implementing technology solutions as part of our Employment Services. In a world influenced by modern technology, Imagine! strives to take advantage of appropriate tech supports so that each individual is put in the best position possible to succeed.



Current Business Partners


Local Businesses Partner with Imagine!

Own or manage a business?

We have trained employees in our supported employment program eager to work for you. Learn how to partner with Imagine! and hire someone with a disability, benefiting your company longterm.

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