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Family Recruited Employees

Recruit someone to work with your loved one and Imagine! will hire and pay them!

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Get paid to care for your loved one

Utilize the Supported Living Services (SLS) Waiver to get paid while providing in home care to a family member with an intellectual or developmental disability who is 18+ years old.

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One on one care when you need it

Utilize the Children's Extensive Services (CES) Waiver to access in-home support for your child aged 5-17. Recruit a trusted friend or loved one and Imagine! will hire/train them to assist with care in the home.

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What is a Family Recruited Employee?

A Family Recruited Employee (FRE) is someone who is recruited by a family to provide supports to an individual receiving funding through Adult Supported Living Services (SLS), Children's Extensive Services (CES), or the Autism Spectrum Disorder Program (ASD). This is a partnership that works best with clear communication among the individual, family, employee, and Imagine!.


Learn how to enroll in Imagine!'s Family Recruited Employees program.

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Ways to Recruit an Employee

  • Through trusted family members and friends of family
  • Word of mouth through current providers
  • Craigslist
  • Social media
  • Local newspapers
  • Job boards at local colleges and universities
  • Community groups in which you are involved,
    such as religious or civic groups

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