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School Age Services

Childcare licensed activities for students ages 7-21. High quality therapeutic recreation by way of After School Program, Summer Camp, and School Closure Days.


After School Program

Get picked up from school and head straight to a fun activity with your peers. Bowling, swimming, games at the park, arts and crafts, and more!

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Summer Camp

School's out! Spend the summer with qualified therapeutic instructors engaging in activities such as: horseback riding, water parks, amusement parks, fishing, hiking, gardening, sports, and more!

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School Closure Days

Holiday break or in-school conferences? No need to take off from work, Imagine! is here to help! When Boulder Valley, St. Vrain, and Adams 12 school districts take the day or week off, Imagine! offers full day activities.

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Everyone has the ability to...

  • Learn
  • Communicate
  • Have Opinions / Preferences
  • Desire Friendship
  • Have Complex Emotional Lives
  • Contribute to their Community
  • Value their Culture and Language
  • Comprehend their Environment

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Growing Up With Imagine!

Our son, Mike, was in grade school when he started attending Imagine!'s School Age Services. It was a turning point for Mike, and our entire family, as we benefitted tremendously from these programs. From the very start, the After School Program filled up Mike's day with fun activities led by caring staff who broadened his time in the community and provided a structure for his days. Knowing Mike was safe and engaged allowed me and my husband to work and have time to spend with Mike's sister.

During Imagine!'s School Age Services, Mike gets to spend time in various activities including some of his favorites: swimming, hiking, bowling, art, games, and horseback riding. He also enjoys the occasional day trips to Estes Park, Georgetown, Denver, Nederland, and many more!! Mike not only enjoys and learns from the activity itself, but he learns to be in the community and with peers, as well as learning safety skills, social skills, and reaching set goals.

All of the fun and enriching programs wouldn't matter if it wasn't for the great staff. They are fun, caring, professional, and we never worry as we say goodbye to Mike during drop-offs. He is always happy to see the instructors and they are genuinely happy to see him, greeting him with high-fives and smiles. Mike, who isn't very verbal, greets and says goodbye to many staff members by name.

We are sad that this is Mike's last year with Imagine!'s School Age Services - they have been such a huge part of our and Mike's life for over 15 years! But we are happy to see him continue with the adult services program and enjoy the many opportunities as he gets older.

Imagine!’s Out & About Program

Imagine!’s Out & About program provides positive instruction and community-based services within a therapeutic framework.

Imagine!’s Out & About program offers a wide variety of services for children, including an After School Program, School Closure Day activities, a Summer Camp, and a transitional program geared towards adolescents and young adults ages 16-24 years aimed to ease the transition from childhood to adulthood. We strongly believe in the potential of all and advocate for independence and social awareness through our community based therapeutic program.  Our instructors are dedicated to delivering quality therapeutic services while immersing children in the community and building cooperative skills.

Our Philosophy

Imagine!’s Out & About program assumes that all participants:

  • have the ability to communicate
  • have the ability to learn
  • have the ability to comprehend their environments
  • have opinions and preferences
  • have complex emotional lives
  • have the desire for friendship
  • value their culture and language
  • want to be contributing members of their community

What Is Therapeutic Recreation?

Imagine!’s Out & About program uses Therapeutic Recreation theory and methodology when developing each activity and when developing plans for each individual participant. Therapeutic Recreation (TR) is an allied health profession which focuses on improving a person's physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and leisure needs through activity interventions. That's a fancy way of saying that each activity, and each participant's individual plan, is designed to develop skill sets among participants that can then easily translate into other aspects of their lives. Participants have fun while learning lifelong skills at the same time!

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