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Nursing Services

Imagine!'s services offer embedded nursing supports across all Imagine! programs. Our team is led by a committed group of Nursing professionals who collaborate in assisting individuals and their support teams in leading active and healthy lives.

Our team is knowledgeable and holds an extensive resume working in the field of developmental disabilities. It takes additional effort and advocacy to provide medical guidance and care for people with higher needs, and our team provides just that.


Overseeing an individual's healthcare is no small task, and we take it seriously. Medical appointments are not missed, follow ups are not ignored, and medications are ordered in a timely manner. Our team of nurses actively engage with clients and staff to provide the best medical guidance needed.

Staff Support

The best way to support our clients is to make sure their direct staff are properly trained and up to date on all medical protocols and procedures. All staff receive extensive in-person training with a Nurse, including specialized training for G-tube, J-tube, skin care, and other medical conditions as needed.

Preventative Care

People we serve cannot always communicate with words what or how they are feeling. Our nurses build close rapport with each client and become familiar with unusual signs and symptoms, and educate staff working with the clients to ensure more support and early recognition of potential issues.

Passionate, warm,

Our team of nurses is dedicated to extraordinary health care for all clients.

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